Bryan D. Bolton

(MD, PA)




Bryan has over thirty years of trial experience, including ten plus years in family law matters, and regularly appears in courts in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Bryan’s diverse litigation experience includes representing numerous fortune 100 companies in litigation, arbitration and mediation, including class action litigation. Bryan is rated AV Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating offered, and listed in the directory of preeminent attorneys. Bryan is chair of the Family Law Group at Funk & Bolton, P.A. Bryan’s extensive litigation experience provides depth and breadth to his work on family law matters. Bryan has a demonstrated ability to work with diverse people, deliver innovative solutions, and solve intractable problems. Bryan has the ability to understand legal issues, but also appreciate their impact on people and the practical realities of implementation, including whether the solution is worse than the problem. Bryan believes family law is at an important inflection point, and he has the innovation and energy, as a marathon runner, to help clients confront the challenges associated with new issues on the horizon, including changes resulting from the new tax law, expanded opportunities to marry, child custody and parental rights, changes impacting individuals and businesses resulting from technology, and the impact of technology on the practice of family law.