Unfortunately, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.  We are ready to confront the worse case scenario–a loss at trial–and have the appellate experience to back it up. Our lawyers have argued numerous cases in Maryland’s highest Court and in many of the most respected Federal Courts in the country. We know what post-trial motions can be filed to protect your rights. If you are interested in engaging us for an appeal, we may be able to evaluate your appeal for a fixed fee and, if appropriate, develop a fixed fee model for handling all aspects of an appeal. Please note, however,  appeal deadlines are very strict and the failure to file a timely appeal typically is fatal to your cause. Please contact us at 410.269.1554 to schedule an appointment or complete our Initial Consultation form  and someone will contact you within one business day about scheduling an initial consultation.  We are not representing you and have not agreed to represent you until you sign an engagement letter.