Past results are no guaranty of future performance. You know this is true, you have heard it a million times, and you live it every day, but will you apply this to your business or practice?  Is your business insulated from market forces, technology, innovation, or Amazon? You may believe you know what your business or practice is worth, but you need objective and independent professionals, with a big picture perspective, who understand future risks, and with proven valuation methods, to value your business or practice. You want to be fair and do what is right, but you need to make sure this works for you too. You need to be fair to yourself and not commit to obligations you might become unable to fulfill due to future events. We can help. We can meet with you discretely and privately in order to provide you with specific advice on how to efficiently manage this process.  Please contact us at 410.269.1554 to schedule an appointment or complete our Initial Consultation form  and someone will contact you within one business day about scheduling an initial consultation.  We are not representing you and have not agreed to represent you until you sign an engagement letter.