Child custody, support, and visitation present difficult, challenging, and vexing problems for many people.  Divisions between the parties are understandable given the emotional attachment to the children and each party believing she/he has the bests interests of the children at heart. We can help calculate child support based on the Maryland guidelines, but even more importantly we offer innovative solutions to help clients work through difficult custody and visitation issues. Resolving child custody, support and visitation by agreement is far more cost effective and usually results in a “better” outcome for the children and the parents. If litigation is the only solution, then we have the team in place to carry this work through to a successful conclusion. Please contact us at 410.269.1554 to schedule an appointment or complete our Initial Consultation form  and someone will contact you within one business day about scheduling an initial consultation.  We are not representing you and have not agreed to represent you until you sign an engagement letter.