You are busy helping people every day, you believe you know what your practice is worth, but what would a valuation professional say?  What does the future hold for insurance reimbursements? What impact will the combinations of companies such as Aetna/CVS and Cigna/Express Scripts have on your practice? What about Amazon’s acquisition of Pillpack? What does all this mean for the future of medicine and health care? What new health care delivery vehicles or medical practices might impact your business? What about the impact of technology? The issues are more nuanced and complicated than ever. At the same time, the value of your medical practice is critically important to ensuring you pay what is fair, not some inflated and inaccurate figure.  A flawed valuation model might commit you to payment obligations you ultimately cannot afford, including alimony and child support.  Generally speaking, the inability to pay is not a defense.  Although sometimes difficult to acknowledge, professional guidance and assistance is essential in determining the true value of your medical practice.  We can help map out the future you want, need, and are entitled to under Maryland law. We have offices in Annapolis and Baltimore and can discretely meet and provide services in an efficient manner, with minimal impact on your practice. Please contact us at 410.269.1554 to schedule an appointment or complete our Initial Consultation form  and someone will contact you within one business day about scheduling an initial consultation.   We are not representing you and have not agreed to represent you until you sign an engagement letter.