Social media, smartphones, tablets, and computers are a part of life, but they present a unique risk before, during, and after your divorce. They can reveal important information about lifestyle, income, spending, fidelity, location, and violations of court orders. If you are considering divorce and/or are in the midst of divorce proceedings, and engage in any form of social media, even just texting and email, consider taking the following actions: (i) avoid any permanent deletions to avoid claims you destroyed evidence; (ii) do not discard or destroy a phone, tablet, or computer (the loss or destruction may be used against you); (iii) do not change your Facebook status; and (iv) stop posting, texting, instagramming, emailing and other forms of social media interaction, except as necessary for work, and seek legal counsel and guidance as soon as possible. Social and electronic media present pervasive risks, which require careful handling, advice, guidance and counsel. Please contact us at 410.269.1554 to schedule an appointment or complete our Initial Consultation form  and someone will contact you within one business day about scheduling an initial consultation.  We are not representing you and have not agreed to represent you until you sign an engagement letter.